Top 5 ways to make your WordPress site faster

Top 5 ways to make your WordPress site faster

1. Using a good theme/framework:

A theme is the foundation of your WordPress website, and if the theme is not built well, with optimization in mind, it can get very slow very quickly.

2. Good Hosting Company:

A good host is important but that’s not everything, along with that, you will need a good hosting plan based on the number of visitors you get and the weigh of your website.

3. Caching Plugins:

A caching plugin generates and saves static HTML pages on your server. When visitors visit your website, your servers will serve the visitor the previously generated HTML pages instead of processing PHP code on your WordPress site.

4. Image Compression:

An image compression plugin minimizes the size of your images without affecting the quality of the image beyond an acceptable level.

5. Preventing Unnecessary Queries:

Unnecessary queries are common in many websites, especially on the homepage of their websites, prevent loading all posts on your homepage or any other similar mistake that will be heavy on your WordPress site, after all you want to serve the page as soon as possible to your visitors.



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